Upgrade from 1.26.1 to 1.26.2
If you are running version 1.26.1 you need to upgrade your pool. Please use the instructions below to upgrade your pool.​
you will have to create a backup of your binaries
cd .local/bin/​# let's create a folder with the version numbermkdir -p $(cardano-node version | grep -oP '(?<=cardano-node )[0-9\.]+')​# copying files to the created foldercp cardano-node $(cardano-node version | grep -oP '(?<=cardano-node )[0-9\.]+')/cp cardano-cli $(cardano-node version | grep -oP '(?<=cardano-node )[0-9\.]+')/
now we need to update and upgrade the packages
sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get upgrade -y​
now we need to create a directory where we will download the code
cd ~
mkdir -p source
cd source
rm -rf cardano-node

lets download the source from git

git clone https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-node.git
cd cardano-node
git fetch --all --recurse-submodules --tags
git checkout tags/1.26.2

update cabal and install using GHC

cabal clean
cabal update
cabal configure --with-compiler=ghc-8.10.2

Adding flags for the libsodium library

echo "package cardano-crypto-praos" >> cabal.project.local
echo " flags: -external-libsodium-vrf" >> cabal.project.local
build all
NOW YOU HAVE TO STOP YOUR NODE before running commands below!
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin/
cp -p dist-newstyle/build/x86_64-linux/ghc-8.10.2/cardano-cli-1.26.2/x/cardano-cli/build/cardano-cli/cardano-cli ~/.local/bin/
cp -p dist-newstyle/build/x86_64-linux/ghc-8.10.2/cardano-node-1.26.2/x/cardano-node/build/cardano-node/cardano-node ~/.local/bin/

Check if you have installed everything correctly.

cardano-node --version
cardano-cli --version# let's check if we have successfully installed the latst cardano-node and cardano-cli versions.which cardano-node && which cardano-clicardano-node --versioncardano-cli --version
cardano-node --version cardano-node 1.26.2 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
cardano-cli --version cardano-cli 1.26.2 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
now you can copy the archive to other machines, to producer and other relays if you have them
tar -czvf archive.tar.gz ~/cnode/db ~/.local/bin/cardano-node ~/.local/bin/cardano-cli
Copy the file to the server that you want to upgrade (insert IP of another machine)
scp archive.tar.gz [email protected]_remote_server_ip:/home/cardano/
if you want to connect to server with ssh (replace also the public key with your filename)
scp -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa archive.tar.gz [email protected]_ip:.
now you need to unzip the files on the server where you copied them to
tar -xvf archive.tar.gz
Now stop the cardano node and run the following commands. You need to remove the old db, move the new db and replace binaries
rm -rf ~/cnode/db
mv home/cnode/db ~/cnode/db
mv home/.local/bin/* ~/.local/bin
you are all done. you can start the node
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