How to download and create your ADA wallet
In this tutorial we will be using a Daedalus wallet. Daedalus is a full node wallet. This means that unlike light wallets (e.g.Yoroi, Adalite etc.) Daedalus downloads a full copy of the Cardano blockchain and independently validates every transaction in its history. That way you get maximum security and completely trustless operation, without centrally hosted 3rd party servers.

Download, Install & Create a Daedalus Wallet

From this link
Download the executable file and run it
Click install
After installation has finished a link to daedalus will be created on your Desktop. Double click it. You will see the following.
Click continue and agree with terms of service.
Click on create a new wallet
Name your wallet and set a secure password
Create a secure password
on the next screen you will be given a recovery passphrase. DO NOT LOOSE IT! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO LOOSE ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY if your computer breaks or gets stolen, you will not be able to restore your wallet!
Congratulations your wallet is created and now you can transfer your ADA into it that you have purchased on an Exchange (Please use our guide on how to purchase your first ADA)
Now your wallet will synch the blockchain, this will take a while.
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